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Coyotes FC is not just any regular soccer club! Partnered with the City of Harker Heights Parks & Recreation and Game Time Indoor Soccer Arena in Harker Heights. We are in the process of developing adult soccer tournaments and soccer leagues that will be held at Summit Soccer Complex located in Harker Heights, Texas.


This is a great opportunity for local teams, players, and Coaches to demonstrate their skills on the soccer field. During the tournaments, Coyotes FC will be scouting for future players and coaches and will schedule a future date to tryout.   

Coyotes FC wants to reward the best teams! Rewarding teams with not only trophies or medals but also money prizes! Teams that participate in the tournaments will only have to pay for their inscription fees.


Inscription fees already include referee fees and may also cover uniforms depending on the tournament. The only fee it does not cover is the yellow and red cards these will be at the player’s own cost.


Please keep in mind that all funding received for the tournaments are to help support the Coyotes FC endeavors and their main team.


We would like to establish the Coyotes FC as a leader in the NPSL and in the different leagues in United States of American.

The community’s financial support is greatly appreciated because not only will it help the Coyotes FC but it will also generate other programs (e.g. soccer boot camps, scholarships, & grants). 


We are looking forward to building professional soccer players and coaches, by bringing newer and better opportunities for soccer in the Central Texas area. We would also like to get the community involved in all the activities we plan to develop.   

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